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Modern life has changed the natural conditions of the air and often, in the environment where we breathe, we find ourselves in an unbalanced condition of electrical charges in the air where positively charged ions which generate physiological disturbances prevail. Also, the number of negatively charged atmospheric ions (which facilitate environmental wellness) is forcibly lowered by centralized heating, air conditioning, smoke and static electricity generated by electrical fields. Therefore, both in the workplace and at home, most people breathe in ion depleted air.
Today Falmec offers a new technology applied to its hoods which allows atmospheric ions to be recreated – through BIPOLAR CONTROLLED IONISATION technology*, ions which not only decrease unpleasant odours, but also re-establish optimum ionic balance in the living environment, with significant benefit to human wellness and health.




Falmec launches extractors systems that not only eliminate odours, but purify the air and make it beneficial


Thanks to the presence of ions generated by the E.ion® System, the air can be purified and treated for a healthier environment. In fact, ions action includes:

  • Neutralization of all the polluting agents in the air such as bacteria, viruses, dust mites, pollen, spores, various dusts, foul odours, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes;
  • Purification, sanitisation and optimisation of the air;




The process of production and distribution into the air of ions that occurs in nature in waterfalls, sea waves and lightning, and which is perceived
in the pure air of mountains, is obtained by Falmec through a bipolar electrical field applied to the air flow generated by the hood. In particular, the ionization permits to:

  • Decrease odours in the kitchen through the elimination of the organic molecules suspended in the air;
  • Neutralise the volatile organic composites, transforming them into CO2 and water;
  • Inactivate viruses, bacteria and allergens by breaking their external membrane;
  • It inactivates moulds, fungi and spores;
  • It neutralises tobacco smoke and lowers particulate levels;
  • A part from reducing cooking odours, the ionization function can be activated to purify and sanitise the environment.
  • No need of chemicals or UV technology to have cleaner and healthier air.
  • The use of controlled bipolar ionisation does not imply any spreading of ozone into the domestic environment.





The controlled bipolar technology
and its adaptation to intake
systems is protected by international


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More than 70% reduction of odours

Certified Olfactometric Analysis.









Ions are also known as “air vitamins” thanks to their healthy effects for air quality, eliminating all polluting agents, for energy and for both people and other living creatures (plants and animals) well-being.

In particular they can influence the human biochemistry, improving your moods, concentration as well as other important effects on your health.

Ions are odourless, tasteless and invisible molecules that can be found aplenty in natural environments. Once they reach our blood, ions produce biochemical reactions which make serotonin (also known as “the mood chemical”) levels increase. This helps to relieve depression symptoms, reduce stress and reinforce our energy during the day.

On the contrary, if there is a low ions concentration in the air, symptoms such as drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, depression and shortness of breath.


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Every furnishing solution and every design solution, concerning the positioning of the cooking area, are now possible thanks to the complete freedom in positioning your extractor inside the kitchen environment.

Every detail can be customised according to individual needs, much to the advantage of aesthetic impact. 




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Leaf sensor

The metamorphosis is in the Air


  • E.ion® leaf sensor detects the presence of volatile organic composites (VOC), odorous gases, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, ammonia and all polluting agents that are in the air;
  • Leaf sensor is an excellent indicator to measure variations in domestic air quality;
  • The leaf colour gradually turns from yellow to green as the air conditions improve;
  • The automatic mode detects any drop in domestic air quality. When this occurs the hood activates to purify and sanitize the air until the original balance is re-established. 

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The combined filter




Charcoal is a material, containing mainly carbon in the form of graphite microcrystals that is processed to obtain a porous structure with a large internal surface area. These two characteristics give the charcoal a high absorbent capacity, which enable it to capture many types of molecules and hold them back in the inner surface. 




Zeolite is a mineral with a high micro porosity level. It is cherished for its property of absorbing organic compound and water vapour. The unique properties of zeolite crystals, which are rich in internal empty spaces, result from their regular and micro-porous crystalline structures.


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Carbon.Zeo filters do not require special maintenance. Under normal conditions we recommend to regenerate them every 18 months and to replace them after 3 years.

To regenerate Carbon.Zeo filters insert them into a normal domestic oven at 200° temperature for about 2 hours.